Take care of your fleet today

Whether you need to salvage an old box and remount it to a new chassis, upgrade your current fleet, or customize a vehicle, Emergency Services has you covered.
  • Ambulance Remounts
  • Vehicle Upfitting
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Help You Save Money

Service you’ll be proud of

Emergency Services provides customized fleet maintenance and remount solutions that reduce costs, create efficiencies, and increase reliability. With your vehicles and equipment in our care, we are uniquely positioned as the industry-leader in diverse fleet maintenance for West Michigan.

When you choose to work with us, you’re taking the first step in maintaining your fleet the right way.

Our Clients

“I would enthusiastically recommend Emergency Services, and have done so in the past. The management team at this location has transformed this site with a strong focus on customer service. The proficiency level of the technicians has improved dramatically with an emphasis on training and certification. Any conflict is handled amicably, in a professional manner. They are forthcoming with any requests for assistance in any area of fleet management, lending expertise to bid specifications, special projects or service needs. They are good partners in developing the fleet program in the County.”
Kevin S.